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Nissan Car and Truck Repair and Service Center Online scheduling Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Brake Service, State Inspection and Other Vehicle Maintenance

Get your car or truck fixed right the first time at Kelly Nissan of Route 33 where our technicians are certified professionals. Our technicians not only handle every common minor maintenance service, but handle more extensive repair service as well.

Oil and Oil Filter Change

Changing the oil in your car is important. A very simple and inexpensive service task for your vehicle. Replacing the oil filter and changing the oil is preventative maintenance that keeps your car running properly. Check for oil change coupons, we always have service specials.

Air Conditioning Service

If you want to keep cool, an A/C system inspection is important preventative maintenance. You want to be sure seals aren’t drying up and cracking your cooling system isn’t leaking. So if you need air conditioning service or just need an A/C recharge, we can do it.

Air Filter Replacement

Your car’s fuel efficiency is at its peak with a clean air filter. Keep it that way with an air filter inspection and clean air filter replacement.

Tire Repair and Rotation

Do you have uneven or balding tires or slow leaks? Or just need a tire rotation? We can handle tire rotations, wheel alignments, tire repairs, re-balancing of tires, installation and inspection of tires.

Battery Maintenance and replacement Service

Don't get stranded because of a weak battery, especially in the middle of winter. Make sure your battery is strong enough to handle the load, get it tested. If fails, we handle battery replacements.

Cooling System Service and Repair

Take care of your cooling system, make sure you're protected from engine overheating and winter freezing of your cooling system. Get an inspection of the system and a coolant and anti-freeze flush and fill.

Brake Repair and Service

Squealing brakes can signal your brake pads need replaced that usually is a fairly inexpensive problem. But ignoring your brakes may cause a more expensive problem like having to replace your brake rotors, which can cost four times as much as brake pads.

Engine Service

Is that dreaded check engine light coming on? It may be nothing than needing an oil change or a new gas cap. We can run a diagnostic test to retrieve the codes to determine your problem and discuss your options for a repair.

Emission and State Inspection Service

Don’t let your inspection and emissions stickers lapse, bring your vehicle in for its required state inspection and emission test.