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2017 Nissan Sentra

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2017 Nissan Sentra
2017 Nissan Sentra

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 2017 Nissan Sentra Specifications

 Engine Size:  1.6 L
 Cylinders:  I-4
 Horsepower:  188
 Torque:  177 lb-ft
 Transmission:  Automatic or Manual
 Drivetrain:  Front Wheel







The 2017 Nissan Sentra

Want space? The 2017 Sentra from Nissan has it for you. This compact sedan has a remarkably large interior. Not only does the rear seat give you more room, the trunk has almost as much cargo space as many full-size sedans.

Why 2017 Sentra?

You will appreciate the 2017 Sentra because it is a good value for your money and its fuel-efficient, practical and roomy. The ride is quieter for a reason. The 2017 Sentra has upgrades that reduce noise from the engine, like the glass is thicker to minimize external noise. The console is noticeably larger.

Perhaps the upgrade for the 2017 Sentra that you will notice most is under the hood – the SR Turbo with 188 hp turbocharged 1.6 liter engine. It is just like the one in the Nissan Juke crossover.  Upgraded brakes, reworked steering and sport-tuned suspension will all have you looking forward to driving instead of looking.

Some models have slower acceleration than others and if you want Bluetooth you will want to upgrade your chosen trim package. The technology connections are easy to use.

Of course, the fact that this has a lower price than most sedans in its field is very convincing. Get the SV model of the 2017 Sentra which offers more optional amenities like blind-spot monitoring and heated seats.

The high profile of the 2017 Sentra by Nissan increases visibility and makes it easier to get into the vehicle. The controls are simple. Adaptive cruise control and automatic braking systems show how up-to-date Nissan has made the 2017 Sentra. It has a lot of features in a 4-door sporty sedan that is lower priced yet a step above the typical small sedan.

Some drivers may feel a little cramped in the front seat. But no one can complain about the cost of the 2017 Sentra or about the overall spacious interior. Fuel efficiency clearly is very important to Nissan as it is to most buyers. Comfort of the passengers is also enhanced by the interior updates.

So, if you want a sedan with four doors, low cost, high fuel economy, intelligent cruise control and lots of space get serious about the 2017 Sentra. Give it a good looking over and take it for a test drive when you go to your nearest Nissan dealership. Find it at Kelly Nissan of Route 33.