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2017 Nissan 370Z

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2017 Nissan 370Z
2017 Nissan 370Z


2017 Nissan 370Z Specifications

 Engine Size:  Premium Unleaded V-6 3.7
 Cylinders:  I-4
 Horsepower:  332
 Torque: 270
 Transmission: Automatic or Manual
 Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
 Fuel Economy:  18/26mpg








Whether you are an auto geek or have moderate interest in cars, there is a fair chance that you recognize the infamous 370Z. The 2017 Nissan 37OZ is easily among the most hyped sports cars in all of Easton and Bethlehem. This vehicle is precisely built to reach extreme speeds with sheer power and utter control. In other words, you will experience a drive like you haven’t ever before. Let’s go deep into what the 2017 Nissan 37OZ brings along.

The Cabin

More often than not, you don’t expect much of a cabin space from a sports car. Well, that is only true if it isn’t the 2017 37OZ you’re talking about. This two-seater has a great amount of leg space to begin with. The cabin is further crafted with top-notch material to offer that luxurious experience you expect from such automobiles.

The seats are ergonomically constructed to make sure those long drives in the car are more comfortable than that sofa at your place. You also get to enjoy a decent cargo space with this car. The only downside—not considered by many—to this car may be its noise cancellation within the cabin. Nissan has done well, but it could have done better.

What’s Under the Hood?

This is the part that goes on to give people goosebumps. The 2017 Nissan 37OZ brings has been launched with various trims. However, there are only two different engines shared among the lot. The first one is the V-6 3.7-liter engine which is far from ordinary. Clocking a massive 7000 rpm, this beast of an engine can produce up to a mind-boggling 332 horsepower. Assisted with a torque of 270 lb/ft, you know what the 37OZ becomes capable of doing on the streets! This engine is shared by all of the 2017 37OZ trims, except for the Nismo.

Nismo is the top-end trim of the sports car and boasts a V-6 3.7-liter engine. Sounds the same, right? Well, it isn’t. This engine can clock 7,400 rpm and can produce up to an enthralling 350 horsepower. The torque is also up a notch with 276 lb/ft.

The Con


When you get sheer power and precision to rule the streets, there is also a price to pay, literally! The manual transmission on 2017 Nissan 37OZ Nismo offers a fair 18 mpg in cities and 26 mpg on highways. The automatic transmission is pretty much the same with the only difference coming in a city’s fuel economy. It moves from 18 mpg to 19 mpg.

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